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Wellion BONA HbA1c Analyzer

Do you know your HbA1c?
Find out your long-term blood sugar level in just 5 minutes!

The Wellion BONA HbA1c Analyzer in a handy, small format enables quick and easy HbA1c measurement in doctors' offices and medical facilities (approved for HbA1c measurement by health-care professionals). All elements - from the test performance to the storage of the individual test kit components - simplify the HbA1c measurement in routine practice.
See how to perform a measurement here https://youtu.be/08XPOTxr3r0
The measurement can be performed immediately, in 5 minutes your HbA1c value will be printed out and you can discuss your measurement result with your doctor immediately. Optimal time saving for all involved.
The HbA1c value indicates the long-term blood sugar level and is therefore a fundamental health parameter which should be determined regularly. Especially for people with diabetes, this would be about every three months, for people without diabetes at least during the annual health check-up.
While the daily blood sugar measurement only measures the current glucose in the blood, the HbA1c value indicates the average blood sugar concentration of the last 8-12 weeks.
Target and limit values1,2
No diabetes mellitus: <5.7% (39 mmol/mol)
Increased risk of diabetes: ≥5.7% to ≤6.4% (39 to 46 mmol/mol)
Manifest diabetes mellitus: ≥6.5% (48 mmol/mol)
Target values for people with diabetes: 6.5% to 8% (48 to 64 mmol/mol), depending on type, severity, duration and treatment of the disease
Your long-term blood sugar directly on site
Your HbA1c measured value can be determined directly on site at the doctor's  
Only one visit
You will receive your results directly, no need to visit again to discuss the results!   
Flexible prevention through screening in only 5 minutes
Do you know your HbA1c? There are about 1,000,000 people with diabetes in Greece - but about 200,000 have not yet been diagnosed. Find out about your HbA1c right now from your doctor and become active in time for your health!   
Time saving guaranteed
Result in 5 minutes by simply measuring with the Wellion BONA HbA1c Analyzer   
Measurement result to go
Your HbA1c value can easily be printed out with the Wellion BONA printer and taken with you.
Faster decisions enable improved therapy
The immediate result enables a quick joint situation analysis and individual therapy adjustment.
The Wellion BONA HbA1c Analyzer is approved for HbA1c measurement by healthcare professionals and thus enables reliable and fast HbA1c measurement in all medical facilities, doctors' practices.
The Wellion BONA HbA1c Analyzer measures long-term blood glucose levels in just 5 minutes!

  • Only five minutes and three steps to your goal
  • Portable hand format for maximum flexibility - in your practice AND for home visits
  • Simple measurement procedure - voice function accompanies every step

Minimum effort, perfect result
- High accuracy with NGSP and IFCC double-certification
- Highest precision with CV <3% at only 3 microlitres blood volume
- No interference from haemoglobin (Hb) variants or unstable Hb forms
Further functions
  • Automatic saving of results, date and time
  • Memory capacity = 1000 measurements
  • Bluetooth function for data management

3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Colour: black and white
Dimensions: 125 x 65 x 22 mm
Weight: 98g
Measuring range: 4.0% - 14% (20 - 130mmol/mol)
Measuring time: 5 minutes
Sample volume: ~3µl
Measuring range: 4.0 - 14% (20 - 130mmol/mol)
Calibration: Code-Chip (included in TestKit) - no extra calibration necessary
Measuring principle: Boronate affinity chromatography
1. HbA1c measurement units are %NGSP or mmol/mol (IFCC).     Conversion HbA1c %NGSP - mmol/mol: HBA1c(%)-NSGP = (0.09148*HBA1c[mmol/mol]) + 2.152    
NGSP = National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program    
IFCC = International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
2. Österreichische Diabetesgesellschaft: Leitlinien für die Praxis 2012.

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