Useful information in the management of diabetes at animals

  • Use exclusively the blood glucose meter Wellion GLUCO CALEA dedicated to animals
  • Test blood sugar twice a day before the meals
  • Take notes of the blood glucose test results, amount of food, insulin doses and time of measurement in the Wellion diary
  • Contact your veterinarian if the test result is outside of the range given by the veterinarian
  • If blood sugar level is below 70 mg/dl test again to recognize a hypoglycemia in time. Treat low blood sugar
  • Feed only the amount of food agreed with your veterinarian before administering insulin to your pet
  • Inform your veterinarian if the behaviour of your pet changes dramatically

What to avoid?

  • Do not use a blood glucose meter dedicated to the blood of humans
  • Do not increase or reduce the amount of food without consultation of your veterinarian
  • After injection of insulin your pet should not be highly active
  • Do not administer insulin to your pet if it refuses any food or vomits
  • Do not change the insulin dose without consulting your veterinarian

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