Wellion Skin Care Cream

Wellion Skin Care Cream

Skin Care Cream 10 % - for very dry skin

Help for dry skin.
Wellion skin care cream is perfectly designed for the needs of diabetics.
Urea in a concentration of 10% binds humidity in the skin and increases its elasticity. It reduces extreme hornification, accelerates wound healing and stops itching of the skin. It protects against bacteria and funguses.
Wellion skin care cream is free of perfumes or pigments and provides therefore perfect skin compatibility. As the skin is supplied with fat the cream can be recommended especially  for very dry skin.

  • re-lubricates the skin in a neutral way
  • high content of fat makes the skin soft and elastic
  • for dry and scaly skin, esp. for the feet

Content: 75 ml or 15 ml  

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