Wellion CALLA Dialog

Wellion CALLA Dialog - Talking meter

No Code Blood Glucose Meter with Talking Feature

Wellion CALLA Dialog enables blind people or people with impaired vision to control easily, reliably and accurately their blood sugar levels.
The NO CODE feature allows an easy and precise measurement which helps to avoid handling mistakes.
Test results are spoken by means of the talking feature but can additionally be read from the big screen.
The Wellion CALLA teststrips can be operated easily due to their optimized size. Upper and lower side, front and back side of the teststrips can be easily and intuitively distinguished to assist inserting of the strip into the meter.
The user of the Wellion CALLA Dialog has access to the average of the results of the last 7, 14 and 30 days. Health care professionals and patients are able to better evaluate blood sugar levels through these informations.

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